5 places that can lead you to the other side of the door

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2. Kuldhara Village

A little of 20 kilometers to the west of the Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, lies the Kuldhara village.

About 200 years ago, Kuldhara Village, a place where people lived happily was cursed that led to the village’s evacuation and now it is just an abandoned village.

If stories are to be believed it says that about 200 years ago, Salim Singh, who was the Diwan of the district, fell in love with the village head’s daughter. Villagers were against the intention of Salim marrying the young girl so Salim imposed high taxes on the villagers and began to threaten them in order to marry the girl. Villagers left the place because of Salim’s willfulness and threats but while leaving the village, the villagers cursed the place that no one could ever settle down in that village as well as adjoining villages.

It is also believed that when someone enters the village, they become uncomfortable and feels uneasiness.

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