Game of Thrones’s Cersei: Best TV villain ever?

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After the disappointing end of the Night Kind and his army, there’s only one true villain left in Westeros i.e. Cersei Lannister. She’s cunning, badass, beautiful and so sadistic. She doesn’t shy away from using her sexuality to gain power, nor does she even fickle before killing thousands, or as seen in the last episode, doesn’t fear the death of her own people if she could still have the throne.

In Season 6 Olenna Tyrell says to Cersei, “I wonder if you’re the worst person I’ve ever met.” By the experience and her wrinkles, you’d know Olenna Tyrell must be only among the few who lived long enough to see the Westeros in all its brutality and when she recognizes Cersei as the worst person, we have little but to trust her.
And why would we not?
Cersei is incestuous, but let’s keep that aside, she in all her glory sips her wine while looking at the destruction she has caused to the Sept, and as eye-tempting that scene looks on the screen, it is still the most horrifying scene.
Tommen afraid of what her mother had become or what consequences he would be encountered with after this committed suicide but Cersei cared very little like the Queen of the seven kingdoms.

Surrounded by powerful men her entire life, she knows how to exploit their weaknesses and consistently outwit them, all while playing within their own rules. Do they say the king’s sons should sit the throne? Fine, but as their mother, she’ll sit behind them, pulling the strings, making everyone believe their decisions are their own when they really come from her.

She can never physically be the strongest person in the kingdom, so instead, she finds the true strongest person — The Mountain — and puts him under her control. She’s not the smartest, so she recruits Qyburn — knowing full well he experiments horribly on living humans — and gives him what he wants in exchange for serving her. She doesn’t have the biggest army, so she hires the services of The Golden Company — even though they disappoint her by not bringing their elephants.
She loves her children but she used them to their full extent, used Tommen and Joffrey to be the ruler without a throne, used Myrcella as the human trade to send to Dorne. She is vicious and that can be seen in many of the times when she avenged the death of Myrcella.
During the final episode of season 5 titled “Mother’s Mercy,” Ellaria decided to avenge the death of her lover Oberyn Martell by killing Cersei’s only daughter, Myrcella. The poison that she coated her lips with to take Myrcella’s life (via goodbye kiss) resurfaced tonight when Cersei used it on Ellaria’s chained and helpless daughter Tyene. To perfectly parallel her own daughter’s death, Cersei even delivered the poison with a kiss.


Most lives mean little to Cersei, which is a terrible quality in a human and a scarily powerful one in a leader. In the most recent episode, she has Missandei publicly beheaded as casually as she might pour another glass of Arbor Red. Even the child she’s carrying has already become another pawn to her, something she can use to keep Euron loyal to her and keep his ships on her side.

What awaits is her death that as the prophecy she had heard in her childhood was that she will be killed by “valonqar” which translates to Little brother. As fearful as Cersei is of Tyrion who she thinks will choke life out of her, most of the fans predict that it would be Jamie Lannister who unlike her lover/sister has gone on the path of redemption in the show and has the most beautiful character arc in the entire series, also although they’re twins but Jamie is younger to Cersei by several moments and hence is eligible for the prophecy.
Rest, all hail the Mighty Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, the most badass and ruthless villain ever!
The war awaits as Episode 5 is set to air!


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