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“Keep the food as simple as possible”, this is the principle Shashank believes in when he enters his kitchen to move one step closer to his dream. Shashank, who owns a cafe named ‘Fried and Tested’ in Satya Niketan, South Delhi has an amazing journey to his name.

He is an Economics graduated from Kirori Mall College and did his masters from The Netherlands. Although his food journey started way before he knew that food was his passion. While helping her mother during chores he realised his love for food and started observing her. During his masters and job years, he explored many cuisines and tried to recreate them. After many improvisation trials, he succeeded. Still treating it as a hobby he continued with his life. He worked in corporate for about six years but was never satisfied and then one day while he was commuting to work, it struck him. He left his high paying job and decided to give his heart and soul to his dream. Inspired by authentic food, he started his cafe ‘Fried and Tested’.
He believes that more simple and authentic the food is, better it tastes and feels. His dream is to open a school, a hospital and a fine dining restaurant. As he always puts emphasis on being a good and honest human being and feels that it’s not about the money but memories we earn through our honest hard work and good deeds. You must visit, for people who are running businesses around their passion are so less and the world needs more of them.
Personal recommendation: Crispy fried available with different types of seasonings and sauces (PLEASEE TRYYYY)

Fried and Tested : Property No.289, Ground floor, Satya Niketan, Market
Timings: All 7 days 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

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