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I am the only thing you can’t see
I am the only thing you can’t feel
You, humans, have forgotten your origin
You have already taken a route to your devastation.

There are no rules you have to abide
But there is humanity you must’ve by your side
What you are doing is taking you to hell.
No wonder you fellas are sick n unwell

I show my thirst for peace by my actions
But you go through on all my reactions
Mark my words these are my clues for you all to stop
Don’t make me sigh, don’t make me drop
It’s now! It’s right now the time for the amendments
I can’t see my kids in any sort of resentment

Don’t turn from your responsibility towards me for growth
Don’t let me start again to search for humanity on my own

I blessed you with free will, and this is what you choose
Brothers killing brothers, and you call it your blues

My words might not please the most
The ones who believe I only expect from those

I got you humans out of the survival chain for good
And you still kill the ones as if you own the hood
I want you to respect life in all its forms
And you tend to focus only on your own.

It’s high time to realize what is your existence for
Its high time to take account of what you ruined so far

If you still don’t know who I am.
It’s not your fault,
It’s your fathers who didn’t teach you well
I am the one who loves you the most.
I am the one who makes you feel you’re not alone.
I am standing here waiting for humanity
I am the nature you forgot in your edacity
I am the only thing you can’t see
I am the only thing you can’t feel

I hope you liked reading it. I thought a poem would be good for a change. Let me know how you feel about it in the comments section below. I’ll see you in the next post.

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He's a musician and an entrepreneur who's pursuing a degree in finance. He has been a ghostwriter working with writing challenged clients for three years. He is politically aware and opinionated.