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Comparative analysis of COVID 19 cases as compared to other countries. Cases India reported after 5lac tests

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The government of India says that we have crossed 500,000 coronavirus tests by today, ie Thursday, 23rd April 2020, out of which we have over 20,000 people who have tested positive.

Now taking 5 lack tests as a comparative criterion, the govt of India is assuring that India is in a better condition and the measures taken have resulted in keeping the cases down.

CountryHit 500,000 testsPositive Cases
USMarch 26th80,000
ItalyMarch 31st100,000
UkApril 20th120,000
TurkeyApril 16th80,000
IndiaApril 22nd20,000

This goes on to say that the steps taken by the authorities have been apt and has helped in keeping the numbers low. To know about what may happen next with the lockdown check out this article: India likely to follow US trajectory

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