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Somedays being alive can be hard, some nights can be very challenging were there are hundreds of thoughts in your mind and then you can think about stopping it all, once and for all.

Suicide is very common cause of death, in fact according to the reports nearly 800,000 people die by suicide, which is roughly one death every 40 seconds. We can never know what is going on inside others mind, if they are okay or if they need help. Sometimes, people needs an ear, where they can talk about the thing bothering them and for that there are some helpline numbers available where one can call and talk. Talking about it can make things easier, for the one battling with mental illness as well as his/her friends and family.

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, a month where people talk and share stories about their mental health and some affected by a suicide loss. So, at we have created a collection of poetry to help people know more about what goes through a mind of someone with depression and to help you get through the day and to let you know, that you are not alone.

  1. “Explaining my Depression to my Mother: A Conversation” by Sabrina Benaim

It can be difficult to open up to your family about your struggles and there is a possibility that they won’t accept, so watch this video to explain to them that everything is not just in your head.

“Struggling with Depression & Suicide” by Debbie Leads
Living with depression is not easy, everyday there are thoughts where you just want to end everything but you have to act normal, it can be exhausting, so here is a poem by Debbie Leads that can help you to explain to people what you are going through.

Days of endless struggle.
More hopeful pills today,
Trying to appear “normal”
In some sort of way.

It seems that the struggle
Is always here with me,
And I wouldn’t be here now
If guilt would leave me be.

I know there’s been many,
Who’ve had it worse than I,
But that doesn’t always mean,
That I wouldn’t say good-bye.

People say I have a lot going for me.
I’m sorry, but I just can’t see.
I can’t see because my worst enemy,
Is not my life but inside of me.

Always on a roller coaster,
Not much consistency.
I’m nothing if I’m not up or down.
I’m nothing if just “me.”

Very little energy,
Wanting to stay in bed,
Wishing to be enthusiastic
Instead of feeling like I’m made of lead.

Wanting to be excited,
Wanting to care for more,
But when nothing makes sense,
It’s hard to focus on the poor.

Cluttered mind, cluttered thinking.
It’s hard to keep in touch,
With what is happening around me
And not to worry too much.

I feel that everybody is better than me,
And that I can’t do anything right.
This is how I’ve felt my whole dang life;
It didn’t just start last night.

No confidence, no self-esteem.
Everybody else is right.
To speak my mind is to be a fool,
So I just try to “sit tight.”

Any one of these problems,
Would be a heavy vice,
But when you have them ALL,
Living seems like a roll of the dice.

  • “Nobody but you” by Charles Bukowski

Feel like giving up? Read this poem to remind yourself that you are your own hero.

Nobody can save you,
But yourself,
And it will be easy,
Enough to fail.

So very easily,

This poem will change your life by Rudy Francisco
Have a lot on plate? Listen to this video, it will change your mind.

“Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann
Every day, remind yourself that you are here, to stay.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
Be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe,
No less than the trees and stars;

You have a right to be here,
And whether or not it is clear to you,
No doubt the universe is unfolding,
As it should.

“Depression is a shadow living inside me” by Rupi Kaur

Depression is not just a state of mind, it’s a reality living inside.

When I woke up
The sun fell to the ground and rolled away
Flowers beheaded themselves
All that’s left alive here is me
And I barely feel like living.

“Who am I? Who am I trying to be?” by Cara Delevingne
Cara is an English model, singer and an actress, in a recent interview she opened up about her struggles with depression and anxiety. Following is a one of her poem that she shared with people who are still struggling to help them believe that the cracks within us are the beautiful parts that need to have light shed on them.

Who am I? Who am I trying to be?
Not myself, anyone but myself.

Living in a fantasy to bury the reality,
Making myself the mystery,
A strong façade disguising the misery.

Empty, but beyond the point of emptiness,
Full to brim with fake confidence,
A guard that will never be broken,
Because I broke a long time ago.

I’m hurting but don’t tell anyone,
No one needs to know.

Don’t show or you’ve failed,
Always okay, always fine, always on show.
The show must go on,
it will never stop.

The show must not go on,
But I know it will.

I give up, I give up giving up.

I am lost.

I don’t need to be saved.

I need to be found.

“There is a freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask, ‘what if I fall?’
Oh, but my darling,
What if you fly?”
Erin Hanson

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