Global Warming Is Moving Faster Than We Imagined

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Over the past few years, climate change has struck people worldwide, because we have slowly but surely begun to realize that our carbon emissions are problematic and have an impact on climate change that can actually harm our planet in the long run.

Needless to say, research has now shown that despite our most pessimistic climate change predictions–and more specifically speed at

If we retain this fossil fuel consumption levels and persist to use electricity and technology without any form of restraint, it is all but confirmed that most ice glaciers will not survive the century.

While that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to cause problems for our present generation, it makes it more likely that our grandchildren or at best their children will have to grow up in a world that looks very different.

And the only reason they’ve got to do that is that we can’t even handle our technology’s responsibility. It sounds unfair, isn’t that just?

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