For The Lover Of The Nation That Lives Abroad

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This is to the people who’re branded as unpatriotic Indians, only because they had to leave the country. As cliché as it sounds, as well creamed and stereotypical it has become to name them and tag them as not lovers of the nation, we fail to see our own faults, we fail to see what our country is not ready to provide them that others can, what our government are boisterous about are mostly privileges only for the undermined sectors and not for the average middle-class citizen of India.
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In 2016, 17 Million Indians chose to leave the country for a better lifestyle more developed countries could give them, 17 million educated/ well skilled, and eligible to work in Europe/America/Middle East human resource just went away and we did not even pay heed to the matter. There is a vast barrier between choosing to go and having to go.
The Human Watch Organization says, “People generally don’t leave their homes if they can live normal, safe lives there.” That says more than we assume there is to know, more than we think there is on surface, for culturally/ socially/ emotionally it is humanly way too challenging to leave homes, skip continents just for a better lifestyle. The struggle of making your own mark in a new country could be massively overbearing at times and to go against the wave of locals, to socialize where you have nobody to belong to could be depressing, and how many of these young emigrants suffer from anxiety, depression and extreme isolation.
And yet 17 million went just last year seeking a better lifestyle in a faraway land, and what is our government doing for the middle class-general category citizen who wishes to surpass their present living conditions, do the mediocre average citizen just sulk in the back and stay where they’re with growth in just their white in their hair, and wrinkles on their face, and increments that would happen once or twice in two years.n a world like today’s where US are threatening the immigrants to leave, and Russia is just plotting another war, who would want to leave their country. This is a backlash, a fact check, a wake up call and everything India doesn’t wish to realize.
We’re getting poorer by day in human resource, our education system is so vaguely structured, our reservations have deeply wounded the educated sector, with no jobs and no job security(when there are any), we need to wake up.
It’s so hard to choose between our patriotism and our sense of individualism when their co-relation is a far sighted phenomena.
My heart goes out for the lovers of the nation living in abroad, and I see you supporting Indian sports team, and being updated on the election results.
Just know you haven’t failed the country, the government has failed you.


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