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Well everyone knows that smoking is bad! Rather say smoking is injurious to health. Well, how many of us know about cigarettes, in general! However, there are elements of it like nicotine which makes it a highly addictive habit. Today in my blog I am going to give the smokers out there a push to quit or at least more information about their habit! As well as for the non-smokers out there I am going to give you enough reasons to continue Being non-smokers.
Here we go.

Well, what are cigarettes?

Cigarettes, as I imagine and as 99% of you already know, are small tiny cylinders made up of this paper which is wrapped around leaf tobacco and over 4800 other chemicals and surprisingly 69 of these are known to cause CANCER to HUMANS and which is just one reason why cigarettes are considered very very bad for you.
Unfortunately, the smokers do try to convince the non-smokers to do and over 1/3rd of the world’s adult population smokes and buying rate is over 15 billion cigarettes a day.
Hmmmm TAR Lungs!!

So who smokes?

Like I said that one-third of the adults do smoke and believe it or not that number is still growing. InFact every day over 4000 American teens smoke their first cigarette and over 1000 have their first which turn to a daily addiction!
Research shoe that about 69% of the smokers want to quit altogether. But a number of factors do stop them.. and having tarry Lungs is obviously not one of them!
Those who do manage to quit their habit choose MONDAY as the day to start their healthy smoke-free life. And are never able to!
But believe me, if you are ready to quit any day is the best day does not have to be specifically a Monday.

Where do people smoke?

In the united states and many parts of Asia including India, minors can smoke all the way they want and nothing is done about it. In a strange loop hole, the actual purchase of tobacco is prohibited by law. Perhaps there will be fewer smokers if smoking was illegal .. but this idea has been thought over and over by politicians to no end.
In fact, a young boy was found in Indonesia who was totally addicted to cigarettes smoking at least 40 cigarettes a day but that’s not actually the shocking part of the story. It turns out that the boy was only two years old!

Well, when is smoking beneficial?

This is surely a shocking and controversial question but hear me out. Let me first say the smoking is absolutely a bad idea and you should never ever do it. But believe it or not, some do find some benefits from it.
Studies show that smoking daily reduces your risk of having neuroplastic surgery and even helps certain drugs to work even better. And it is even surprising that cigarettes are even known to prevent obesity making it the 2nd biggest reason that smokers refuse to quit well the first obviously being ADDICTION.. perhaps the more surprising is that smoking can even reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack which would sound much more beneficial if cigarettes did increase you chances of having one by 200-400% .

Why shouldn’t you smoke?

Smokers say that they have no clue about this but it’s a fact the health issues that the smokers risks developing by starting smoking are astronomical.
Out of 7000 deaths that occur in the United States every day 20% are caused because of smoking. Which 1 in 5 American will die due to smoking. And in India smoking has caused 100 million deaths.  The World over tobacco is responsible for the death of one in 10 adults and about 5 million deaths each year.
A recent study in India showed that smoking causes 5% of the total deaths in women and about 20%of total deaths in men in India.
Well, this closely resembles the figure I gave for America.
For a fact


Over 10 million people worldwide are suffering life threatening illnesses because of smoking.
A study done in the UK showed that smoking makes it a 50% chance of seeing your 70th birthday.
Well if you are an apple user then you dare smoke because smoking near apple computers voids their warranty.
And smoking even causes breasts grow faster.
Well, I think I have given you enough reasons why you should not smoke!
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