Buying a new set of tyres? Here’s what should you know.

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We have to take in account many factors while buying our car. One of the most important factor to be considered is TIRE. Studies have shown that the most frightening mid-way breakout at highway is the tire breakout. Go for better specifications rather than saving a few bucks on lower quality tires. A good set of tires performs great in terms of safety, fuel efficiency, comfort and ride quality. Well in order to make your process of selection easy and more effective we have summarized certain points for you all, so read carefully and take some tips from so that you can take care of your tires.

Know The Need 

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You must give your tires a regular inspection, keep a look at the discoloration or bulging, or cracked sidewalls. Remember if your tires are more than 10 years old then they are really old and they need to be upgraded.

If It IsThe Right Time

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Take your car regularly for professional inspection, taking your car to a mechanic for inspection of uneven wear makes your tires last longer and even gives you an idea if they needs to be changed or upgraded. Remember tires can even get damaged from inside because of misalignment or some suspension issues.

Explore The Owner’s Manual

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Don’t just go for the popular models of tires, explore! Ya right explore the owner’s manual of your car, the car manufacturers clearly mention the size and specifications of the tires that performs best with your model. Choosing tires according the to the guidelines of the car manufacturers makes the car perform better in terms of fuel efficiency. In case you have lost the owner’s manual you could find all those details on the website of your car manufacturer.

Decipher The Tire Code

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Well the most difficult part is to decide between the various complicated figures of the tires. Well the best way to overcome this confusion is to refer to the owner’s manual as we have mentioned in the previous point. Or either by looking at the specifications of the new tire and choosing them looking at your requirements or by consulting a tire expert.

Look At The Whole Wheel

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Make sure that you not only pay attention to the tires, pay a little attention to your wheels. Wheel of the car is that part which experiences the most harsh conditions and can easily get rusted or can be subjected to some other damage. Damaged rims can damage your tires, so if you want to be sure that you don’t face bad time in future then you must get the rims changed as well.

Go For Four

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Don’t just look at the budget, if you have planned to only change the tires which is worn out then you are subjecting your car to poor mileage. Well these days the car’s suspension is designed in such a way that it works best with the matching tires. Therefore, evaluate the suspension and if you encounter any problem then you must repair it before replacing all 4 tires at once so that you can enjoy maximum safety.

Shop Online

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Online shopping is in trend now, and there’s nothing bad in it at all. Buying tires online can save you a lot of money as there are very competitive prices, and some of the dealers even provide you the installation other than the shipment.

Give The New Ones Some Time To Get Acquainted To The Road
For safety purposes, you must make sure that you give your new tires at least 800kms of break-in time before pushing them to your regular habits. This increases the grip of your tires especially in wet conditions.

Maintenance – Proper Inflation

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Keeping your tires maintained involves regular inspection and along with that they require regular and proper inflation. This improves the life of tires and also lets you enjoy a higher fuel efficiency.

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