Hupshup is Irreverent, never Irrelevant

Editor’s note

HUPSHUP is an independent media platform. We have structured the model of citizen journalism and as much as we try to make it articulate, we try to keep it honest and power it above hypocrisy and corruption that runs in the system of journalism. Journalism, as the fourth pillar of democracy, should be neutral and without prejudice and that is what we try to remain.

We take full credibility of content published on our website, so, know that it has come after a lot of fact checks and rigorous research to cater to the most unbiased reporting. We at HUPSHUP believe, as long as citizens are well informed, and are given the power of knowledge and arguments, the democracy will prevail.

For our content, we often try to make it more natural and what you shall relate to. There is no certain genre of the content we make, we work on stories that are relevant, whether it’s tickling humor or spellbinding stories.

With our content, we try to break the chains of patriarchy, unscrupulous politics, and the weakness of not questioning. We shall always question!

Long live the content and journalism where real issues are raised, real humor is shared and real arguments are made. We hope you have a good time scrolling, reading, and watching!

HUPSHUP is always keen on feedback, suggestions, information, articles, and news. You can write to us at