25 Crazy Diseases Science Can’t Explain

Science has made huge advances in medicine to deal with some of the worst diseases imaginable. However, there are still some diseases out there that have left us completely baffled. Some of these diseases have mysterious origins or affect the body in ways that are completely bizarre and unexplained. Maybe one day these crazy diseases can be explained and dealt with, but as of right now, they remain mysterious and elusive. From people dancing themselves to death to people that are allergic to water, these are 25 crazy diseases that science can’t explain!

25 Encephalitis lethargica

Encephalitis lethargica
Source: wikipedia, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

This disease was quite terrifying when it struck in the early 1900s. Victims began to have hallucinations before their bodies locked up. Then, while they appeared to be asleep they were actually fully conscious. Many died at this stage but if they didn’t, they would experience terrible behavioral issues for the rest of their lives. The disease has not re-occurred and doctors still do not know what exactly happened although theories have been put forth (virus, immune response destroying the brain).

24 Acute flaccid myelitis

Acute flaccid myelitis
Source: wikipedia, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Sometimes referred to as polio-like syndrome this is neurologic illness that affects children and leads to weakness or paralysis.

23 Marburg virus

Marburg virus
Source: wikipedia, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Named after the German city where it was first observed in 1967, the Marburg virus is a hemorrhagic fever virus that is transferred to humans from monkeys and basically causes you to experience severe internal bleeding.

22 Exploding Head Syndrome

Exploding Head Syndrome
Source: wikipedia, Image: freestockphotos.biz

Sufferers experience insanely loud bangs that appear to originate in their own heads and doctors have absolutely no clue as to why.


Source: wikipedia, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

The leading cause of death among infants 1 month to 1 year old, it is also known as crib death because children will typically die in their sleep. The causes are unknown.


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25 Crazy Diseases Science Can’t Explain

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