25 Cars Of All Time That Were Poorly Designed

25 “2004 Chevy SSR”

2004 Chevy SSR
Image Source: www.zuoda.net

A retractable convertible pickup truck that looks like something straight out of Pokemon; this Chevy is not screaming “like a rock”. The poor bubbly looking vehicle suffers from the worst identity crisis possible; is it a car or a truck…you just don’t know.

24 “1958 Zundapp Janus”

1958 Zundapp Janus
Image Source: www.flickriver.com

Obviously, the designer of this car was on some sort of substance abuse. Who in their right mind places doors where the windshield should be…?

23 “2001 Pontiac Aztek”

Image Source: www.edmunds.com

Identity crisis #2, is it a minivan, SUV, or a tent…the world may never know.

22 “1974 Volkswagen Thing”

1974 Volkswagen Thing
Image Source: www.sunsetclassics.com

The only right thing about this car is its name… because calling it a car is a real stretch of the word. Maybe a name like a matchbox on wheels would do…on second thought, “Thing” suits it just fine.

21 “2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser”

Image Source: www.girlcarguycar.com

It’s obvious that the designer of this car was going for a retro look. However, the funky, clashing proportions of the rear and front of the PT cruiser look more like a retro experiment gone wrong…very wrong.


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25 Cars Of All Time That Were Poorly Designed

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